Innoriginal:International Journal Of Sciences


Innoriginal: International Journal of Sciences

Established in 2014 , Innoriginal International Journal of Sciences has been brought forth for multidiscipline of sciences . The journal publishes bimonthly issues ( 6 issues per year ) . The journal offers al platform for the readers and authors from more than one discipline and also under planning to provide a forum for discussion of news and developments in research and higher education .  

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Publication frequency

Innoriginal International Journal of Sciences is published six times a year. 



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Accepted Language: English

 Online ISSN:- 2349-7041


2020: Volume 7 Issue 6 2020 (November-December)

Table of Contents


Sangita Agarwal, Soumendra Darbar, Srimoyee Saha, Tathagata Deb