Consequences of Lockdown (COVID19) on Security and Life of Northern Nigerian


  • Jamil Hassan Abdulkarim Department of Environmental Health, New Gate College of Health Technology, Minna, Niger State, Nigeria
  • Ibrahim Friday Sule Department of Biological Science, ATBU, Bauchi, Nigeria
  • Tamizhazhagan V Department of Zoology, Syed Ammal Arts and Science College. Ramanathapuram, India


Purpose: The study was aimed at ascertaining death recordedduring COVID19 lock down, from March to June 2020, lock down which was, imposed with the view to contain the spread of COVID19 in the in northern Nigeria, this resultedto increase in banditry and boko haram attack on civilian Methodology: the research employed both qualitative and quantitative method and the research work on primary and secondary data. Result: the research result reveal the death recorded from banditry boko haram attack as a result of insecurity during the period of  lockdown was slightly  below death recorded  as a result  COVID 19 pandemic Conclusion: Nigeria is currently working hard to contain the spread in the country as the case of COVID19 is above 21,000,thousand, however  banditry and boko haram attack has increase in the months under review in the northern Nigeria with increase in mortality, morbidity leaving number of children without parent(orphan) and number of women without husband(widow) leading to psychological trauma among the victim as this increase public health burden as well disease burden, it is high time Nigerian government go back to drawing board and address the issues of insecurity in the northern Nigeria. As matter of urgency. Keywords: COVID-19, Banditry, Boko Haram, Northern Nigeria




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