Enhancement of Skin Permeability and Anti-Inflammatory, Antipsoriatic Efficacy of Curcumin through a Gel Formulation


  • Pravin Govinda Morankar Assistant professor, S.M.B.T. College of Pharmacy, Dhamangaon, Nashik 7038019704
  • Manoj Ramesh Kumbhare
  • Suvarna J. Shelke
  • Chaitali Milind Diwane


Objective: Poor aqueous solubility and permeability of curcumin limits its transdermal absorption. The aim is to increase aqueous solubility and permeability of curcumin by incorporating saponin for better antipsoriatic and anti-inflammatory activity. Methods: Saponin and Curcumin were procured. Development of formulations of curcumin was done using different concentrations of saponins. Permeation study was conducted  by Franz Diffusion cell apparatus. Anti-inflammatory activity on  carageenan induced rat paw edema model and antipsoriatic activity on Perry’s scientific tail model was conducted. ANOVA applied to analyze data and expressed as Mean ± SEM (N =6) which was followed by Dunnett’s test and differences between means were regarded significant at * (P< 0.05), ** (P< 0.01) level.  Tretinoin 0.025% we found that increase in orthokeratosis. Results: The Results obtained for Anti-inflammatory activity was found 9.17 % decrease in Cucumin plus saponin gel while only curcumin gel showed 7.74% decrease in paw volume. The results obtained for percentage orthokeratosis found in rat tail skin were 0 %,, 4%, 16% , 11 % and 13% for Disease Control, Normal Control, Standard Drug (Tretinoin sulphate), Curcumin and Curcumin plus Saponin  gel formulation respectively. Curcumin and Saponin gel formulation might play crucial role in anti-inflammatory and antipsoriatic activity. Conclusion:  It has been concluded that the novel formulated gel containing curcumin and saponin shows good anti-inflammatory  and antipsoriatic activity in rat models. Keywords: Curcumin ,  sapponin , herbal gel, anti-inflammatory, antipsoriatic


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