M. Manasa Rekha, C. Reddy Kumari


Silver-Nano Particles are nano particles of silver i.e. silver particles of between 1nm and 100nmin size. AIM: To develop a facile and eco- friendly method for the preparation of silver nano particles. MATERIALS: In the present work, Echinochloa Colona collected from tirumala hills is used as a biological component in reducing silver ions in silver nitrate solutions to silver nano particles Silver Nitrate was collected from college laboratory for this study. All the galss wares were washed with HNO3 and distilled water and dried in oven. METHODS: 20gm of dried powdered plant material was weighed and boiled for 15 min in 100ml milli-Q water and then the extracts were filtered through whatman filter paper No.1.The filtered extract was stored in refrigerator at 4 degree centigrade. About 30 ml of 0.01 M aqueous solution of silver nitrate was taken in Erlenmeyer flask; and 2.0, 2.5, 3.0 and 3.5 ml of Echinochloa Colona leaf extract was added separately at room temperature. After 12 hours the solution turned yellow to reddish dark brown indicating the formation of silver nano particles. Bacillus Species and E.Coli bacteria were selected for study of the bactericidal effects of the silver nano particles on organisms with different cell wall structures. RESULTS AND DISCUSIION: Bacterial cells were grown in laboratory broth and were spread in a lawn on agar plates. Five cavities of wells were made in a each plate and well no.1, 2 and 3 was filled with 10, 20 and 30µl of 1% of streptomycin (antibiotic) solution. The plates were incubated at 370C overnight, after incubation period zone of inhibition around the wells were measured. In this present work also we observed periodic change colour of the reaction mixture with time. When Echinochloa colona leaf extract was mixed with silver nitrate solutions, after about 12 hours the reaction mixture finally turned into brownish colour and no further change in colour has been observed even after keeping longer period of time. This is the prime indication that silver ions are reduced to fine silver nano particles. CONCLUSION: The present work describes synthesis and characterization of silver nano particles using Echinochloa  colona. Characteristic brown colour indicates the formation of silver nano particles In the reaction mixture. UV-Vis spectroscopy showed absorption maxima at 418 nm which further confirms the formation of silver nano particles.SEM study showed that the average size of silver nano particles is about 75nm.The synthesized AgNPs were proved as excellent antimicrobial agent.

Key Words: Echinochloa colona, Silver Nano Particles, streptomycin, Bacillus Species and E.Coli, SEM, FTIR.

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