ABSTRACTBackground: Depression is a mood disturbance characterized by exaggerated feelings to sadness, despair, lowered self esteem, loss of interest in former activities and pessimistic thoughts. The incidence of increased   depression among the elderly is influenced by the variables of physical illness, functional disability and cognitive impairment.Aim: The present aims to assess the prevalence of depression among elderly people in   selected villages at Mamandur, Kancheepuram District.Methodology: This cross sectional study was conducted in selected villages at Mamandur such as Meiyur and Vadapathi, Kancheepuram District. 130 elderly people those who fulfilled the inclusion criteria were selected by using Non-probability convenient sampling technique. Structured questionnaire was used to assess the  demographic  variables of elderly people. Standardized Geriatric  Depression  was used to  assess  the  prevalence of  depression among elderly people.Results: The present study results  show that, majority 115 (88.46%) of elderly people had mild level of depression , 13(10.00%) of   them had severe level of depression & only  2(1.54%) were normal.Conclusion: Depression can be minimized in elderly by regular and periodic check up of physical health proper planning of retirement, low cost health insurance schemes, encouragement of traditional values  and joint family system and advise to engage old people in religious activities and reading habits.Key words: prevalence, depression, elderly people   

Author Biography

Baskaran jayabharathi, SRM University, Kattankulathur, Kanchipuram dist




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