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Hypertension is the most widely distributed cardiovascular diseases in Libyan regions.  Atenolol is one of most used β-blockers in Libya as the first line in treatment of hypertension.  Therefore, In Libya there are several companies interested to import and distribute many Atenolol brands. The objective of this study was to evaluate the quality of five commercial Atenolol products available on the Libyan market. We carried out a survey of all Atenolol tablet products and assessed their quality. To assess quality, all productsof Atenolol such as: Atenolol tablets, ActavisUnited Kingdom, Totamol  tablets WOCKHARDT , United Kingdom, Atenolol Normon  Spain,            Atenolol Film Coated tablets, BRISTOL, United Kingdom and Hypoten  tablets, HIKMA Amman–Jordanwere subjected for the survey includes ten community and hospital pharmacies and volunteers.  Our survey was including : Atenolol drug order , Pharmaceutical company sales, Atenolol drug cost, Atenolol drug prescription and  Atenolol drugPurchase.Based on our testing procedure, the data of our survey 80-90%, 40-60% and 40-50% of Atenolol tablets, Actavis, Atenolol Film Coated tablets and Totamol  tablets respectively are more requested and desired in Libyan drug market.  Also, our data revealed 80% and 90% of volunteers said that, Film Coated tablets and Atenolol tablets, Actavis respectively are more cheaper than other brands. About 80 % to Atenolol tablets, Actavis and 70% to Film Coated tablets are more requested and desired to the patients or customers. Our survey represented about 80%  and 70%  of pharmacy purchases are belonged to Atenolol tablets, Actavis & Atenolol Normon respectively.   


Key wards : Atenolol, β-blockers, Hypertension, Tablets,  Libyan market, brand.

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