Ayurveda Formulation of Herbal Face Pack to Treat Blemishes


  • B. Greeshma Paul RBVRR Women.s college of pharmacy
  • T. Swetha Reddy RBVRR Women's college of pharmacy
  • A Krishna Sailaja Associate Professor, RBVRR Women’s college of pharmacy, Hyderabad


The main objective of this study to develop a herbal face pack for blemishes using herbal ingredients. By altering the concentrations of various ingredients ten different formulations were prepared by using sandalwood, aloe Vera ,turmeric, neem, orange peel, cucumber extract, lotus petals powder and tea tree leaves powder, kaolin and calcium bentonite are used to prepare a herbal face pack. Prepare the formulations and evaluate by using different parameters such as organoleptic properties, physico-chemical parameters, stability studies, skin irritation test and microbial load.  This present studies, shows good properties of the face packs, and further the optimization studies.

Author Biography

A Krishna Sailaja, Associate Professor, RBVRR Women’s college of pharmacy, Hyderabad

Associate Professor,RBVRR Women’s college of pharmacy,Hyderabad


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