Bacteria and Fungi Contaminating Roasted Meat Types in Plateau State Nigeria


  • Botson Elizabeth Yakubu, Ibrahim Friday Sule, Danung Istifanus Y., Maryam I. Danung, Senthilmurugan S.


Meat is a very nutritious food use for human consumption. It is an excellent source of high product which is necessary for body building and repairs of wore out tissues. Improvement in the microbial quality of roasted meat product is very important and adequate steps must be taking to prevent contamination and spoilage of microorganism.  The microorganisms isolated from roasted meat in this study indicated that the standard of preparation and preservation is poor are need to be improved with the facilities use in the preparation of roasted meat. Aseptic techniques should be employed in order to reduce microbial load of meat and its product for safe consumption by consumers and thus prevent economic lost and food borne infections and intoxication.  National Agency of Food and Drugs Administration and Control should particularly regulate or setup a local body nationwide to monitor the production or processing, packaging of meat and meat products in order to reduce health hazard and guarantee good health of the nation there is the need for establishment of national legislation that would restrict sells of roasted meat in strategic locations to reduce the level of contamination of such meat product.Key words: Bacteria, Fungi Contaminating, Roasted Meat, Nigeria.


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