Vishakha Vikas Jagtap, Pradnya Jagtap, Manoj Jayabhaye, Vaishali Undale, Gajanan Bhagwat, Ashwin Porwal



In the present work, anti-hyperglycemic activity of the polyherbal formulation in STZ induced diabetic rats was carried out. The blood glucose level in STZ induced diabetic rats significantly reduced by aq. extract. The polyherbal formulation administered through oral route 500mg/kg body weight. The polyherbal formulation showed potential in their role to reduce the blood glucose level. These herbs may lead to development of more potent anti-diabetic formulation.

Keywords: Polyherbal formulation, Anti-diabetic, Streptozotocin, Blood Sugar.

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.