Ramya Madhiri, Dr. Jagadeesh Panda


Traditional and Herbal medicines were very important and play vital role. Scientific research was trending of the isolation of active compounds of herbal origin . The secondary metabolites have prominent therapeutic effect like treatment for musculoskeletal pain, antimicrobial , antioxidant effects so in the present review study was based on the overall significance of active constituents, pharmacological aspects , identification tests for active constituents were discussed in which the one can review all the important information and the research done in the Derris scandens Benth which may be helpful for the future research work.

Conclusion : It may remain as the fundamental source of chemical diversity and an important source of drug discovery. This study highlights the bioactive metabolites produced by Derris scandens.

Keywords: Secondary metabolites, Diversity ,anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antioxidant,


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