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A simple, precise, stability indicating new RP-HPLC method was developed and validated for the Simultaneous determination of Cefixime and Linezolid. In this method separation of liquid was done by using column Inertsil ODSC18, 150X4.6mm, 5µ with mobile phase of 0.1M Sodium Dihydrogen Ortho Phosphate (pH 4.7) and Acetonitrile were mixed in the ratio of 60:40 ratio. The detection wavelength was found to be 272 nm with a flow rate of 1ml/minute and temperature of 300C. Retention time of Cefixime was 3.161 minutes and Linezolide was 4.774 minutes respectively. The proposed method was validated as per standard guidelines. In the range of 8µg to 45µg the linearity of Cefixime shows a co-relation coefficient of 0.9991 and Linezolide was 24 to144 µg 0.9991 respectively. System precision was found % RSD 0.31 and 0.27, whereas method precision was found % RSD to be 0.24 and 0.55 of Cefixime and Linezolide respectively. The % mean recovery of Cefixime and Linezolide was found to be 99.87 and 99.77% respectively. The method was found to be robust even by changing in the flow rate 0.1ml and temperature change of ±5 condition .The developed method can be successfully employed for the routine analysis of Cefixime and Linezolide in pharmaceutical dosage forms.

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