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Tablet swigging trouble essentially influences the geriatric and paediatric populaces though unpalatable taste of medications prompts persistent resistance. Swallowing issues additionally are regular in youthful people in light of their immature strong and sensory systems.

Quick Dissolving tablets  are one of the productive aftereffects of ceaseless mechanical progressions in the pharmaceutical business. Fast dissolving tablets assume a noteworthy part in enhancing the patient's consistence. An assortment of medications can be managed as FD tablets as they give the benefit of the fluid drug in the strong planning. These novel sorts of measurements shapes have discovered acknowledgment among the geriatric, paediatric and dysphasic patients.

Quick Dissolving Tablet is a tablet that breaks down or crumbles in the oral cavity without the need of water or biting. It has been produced for oral organization, likewise called as quick liquefy, quick melts, permeable tablets or quick deteriorating or orally crumbling tablets. Mouth dissolving tablets have been defined for paediatric, geriatric, and laid up patients and for dynamic patients who are occupied and voyaging and might not approach water. Such tablets promptly break up or deteriorate in the salivation for the most part inside <60 seconds.

Quick dissolving tablets can be set up by different regular techniques like direct pressure, wet granulation, shaping, splash drying, solidify drying, Cotton Candy Process and sublimation. In 1986, the primary lyophilized quick dissolving innovation Zydis® was presented and a few advancements are as yet making strides.


Keywords: Fast dissolving tablets, Manufacturing approaches, Limitations and advantages, Future prospects and research trends. 

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